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A New Look!

After many months of pondering over my blog, really in a bit of a crisis over what my focus should be, I decided I needed a change to energize me. I am a history buff among many things, especially culinary history. I have a large collection of La Cucina Italiana magazines which I consult, read, and test regularly.

La Cucina Italiana August 1955


  • Risotto al Limone

    It is that time of year when citrus abound. My lemon tree has had a bumper crop this year and as I look at its laden branches groaning under the weight of all those lemons, I’m thinking about all kinds of recipes… taglierini with lemon and ricotta, roasted chicken with lemon, lemon ricotta cookies…!! Here…


  • Pasticcio of crêpes, zucchini and ricotta to fill the hearts…

    and stomachs of your guests, friends and family! Spring and summer offer many occasions to cook dishes that can stand alone as a light lunch, as a side dish at a barbecue, or at a potluck. Zucchini is beginning to abound once again, so here is a dish I have been tinkering for a while…


  • What can be better than chocolate cake?

    Valentines’s Day is around the corner and Carnevale (in Italy) is in full swing, ending next week with Ash Wednesday. These are good times to celebrate one of my favorite cakes, La Torta Eritrea, and share it with you. It is a densely chocolate almond flour “torte” which in its simplicity, knocks your socks off!…


  • Cheesy Pasta: Move Over Mac!

    Americans really do love macaroni and cheese – the dish is ubiquitous in magazines, websites, food blogs. What is there not to love when a pasta is cheesy and baked to perfection with a little crust on top!? With that in mind, I thought I might suggest an alternative to the usual mac and cheese,…


About Me

Ciao! I’m Vickie!

I am a cookbook author, food blogger, and content creator, exploring food from all over the world. Expect delicious recipes, restaurant reviews, and an occasional video! I hope you enjoy!


  • Ribollita – a Tuscan Comfort Food

    The events in our country on January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany no less, have distressed me greatly as so many around the world. The images of the assault on the U.S. Capitol, the swarms of thugs overcoming an otherwise peaceful sanctuary and symbol of our democracy, and nightmarish visions of raging adults acting…


  • Torta di Mele – An apple cake and sweet comfort!

    I know the turbulence created by the political elections lately here in the United States has been hard and difficult to beat down no matter what the results you were hoping for, but if I asked you for one short afternoon to forget it all and bake away merrily…will you do so? My mother’s apple…