More Pasta Making

Pasta with beets in the mixture to make it a bright red

I’m gearing up for another class next Saturday, October 17 from 2 to 4 at the Davis Coop Kitchen. This class is called “Color My Pasta” and it will show you how to make colored pasta – green, brilliant red…and brown (using chocolate). Here I am today prepping the lesson with pasta all over the kitchen!


We’ll make two-tone bowties which are very cute and fun.


And we will make the classic green tagliatelle (with a mushroom sauce to go with it).

You can see the specks of spinach
You can see the specks of spinach
Red, white, and green!

And lastly…brown pappardelle made with cocoa….and this should be interesting!

image_21479182753_o If you are interested in registering, here is the link:

See you for another day of great fun and good pasta making!


Fresh Pasta Making Class

I’m very excited about teaching a basic class in pasta making next Saturday at the Davis Food Coop from 2-4. It’s called “Italian in the Kitchen: Fresh Pasta – The Basics”. Come join us if you can. It is $30 and you will be able to take away your new creation. I will be teaching how to make pasta from scratch (eggs and flour) and teach a little Italian along the way. I will make two sauces to demonstrate how freshly made pasta can be served. One is a basic tomato sauce and the other, to usher in fall flavors, a roasted butternut squash and sausage sauce. I promise I will post the recipe next week! Here is the link if you are interested: