Bio: I started blogging mostly for my sons who kept asking me,"Mom, how do you make...?" I had so much fun that I began to widen my circle to my mother (my greatest model of cooking genius), sisters, greater family in Italy and Mexico, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. An English teacher by profession, I'm always looking for creative outlets to express myself in the kitchen. Having grown up in Rome, Italy of an Italian family and married into an Italian family with ties to Mexico, I'm drawn to both cuisines. Here are my musings, inspirations, creations and food adventures from my kitchen to yours! Salute!

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve just read through your blog! Colorful! Appetizing! Healthy! Tantalizing Vicki. Do some more in our spare time! Now, we love roasted colorful peppers also with onions, one of Don’s favorites.



  2. Vickie, love your blog. I sent you a message on the FB Messenger app. I think we went to school together in Rome 😊


    1. I’m happy you like my blog. I looked for your message and couldn’t find it, but it’s great to know someone from my alma mater is reading my blog. Tanti saluti!


  3. Vickie, I do enjoy your blog, thank you. Perhaps you have talked about this already and I just overlooked it, but I have been earnestly trying to support local food suppliers, especially this past year. I see you mentioned the Davis Farmers Market and Nicasio Valley Cheese Company. Recently I needed rice flour, and thought to myself that with all the rice grown here there should be a local flour mill. It was not that easy to find Capay Mills out of Winters. We just learned Morant’s Old Fashioned Sausage Kitchen on Freeport Blvd. has closed. Before Christmas I searched for local organic grass fed beef to give as gifts, and again, it was time consuming and ultimately unsuccessful for me. I have found that researching the suppliers of our CSA, Farm Fresh to You, is a good resource.

    Do you have any favorites? I would love to hear more about where you source your ingredients.


  4. Hi Renee! Your observation regarding local food suppliers gave me pause. I had to think a bit about what my buying preferences are. For sure I try to buy local as much as possible, not only because the produce is fresher, but also healthier. And I want to support our local farmers as much as possible. Of course the Davis Farmer’s Market has always been my mainstay, but I have to say that Nugget does a good job of sourcing local suppliers too. With regard to meat, it is hard to find a good source. One of my favorite for pork is Bledsoe Meats; check them out on Facebook.They have the best hams and guanciale (cheek jowl)! John Bledsoe has not been at the farmer’s market in a while, but one can order through the website. You are probably familiar with Sunh Fish in Sacramento, probably one of the best fish markets in the area where you can find sushi grade salmon and tuna. I’ll keep your point in mind when I write my blogs in the future, to mention the local sources where I shop. With all the best! Vickie


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